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  2. VORTEC vacSHIELD provides Safety & Protection

    Posted: 1/3/2015

    VORTEC vacSHIELD enhances high-powered vacuum's Safety & Extends it's Life

    * can be used with all manufacturers' vacuums * 

    The VORTEC vacSHIELD is placed in front of the vacuum by simply connecting four to ten feet of hose to the vacSHIELD's outlet to the vacuum's inlet.  Then, connect your vacuum hose to the vacSHIELD's inlet and you are ready to vacuum.  Once in place, operator safety is enhanced by limiting foreign objects fromvacSHIELD entering the vacuum. Since foreign objects such as nails, screws, conduit, and other items are captured prior to entering the vacuum, these items are not thrown from the vacuum at high speeds. In addition to operator safety, hoses and hose bags last longer as they are not shredded by the high-speed exiting of these foreign materials.  Additionally, the high powered vacuum's life is extended as these foreign materials do not enter the vacuum. By limiting foreign materials from coming into contact with the impeller and shroud, the VORTEC vacSHIELD protects the vacuum from potential catastrophic failures to the impeller, shroud, and engine.

    Add a VORTEC vacTUBE to simplify your vacuuming experience.

    Contact Intec (800-666-1611) to review how a VORTEC vacSHIELD can assist you.

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