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    Logo Cannon 






    The mid-size vacuum that outperforms most large insulation removal vacuums

    now with 18hp Vanguard V-Twin

    VORTEC CANNON brochure r20180922

    VORTEC CANNON front view

    CANNON right angle rear
    Patent D738406S & Patents Pending 


    • Vanguard 18hp - 570cc V-Twin with electric start
    • Proprietary IMPELLER moves High Volumes; made out of Abrasive Resistant steel for long life
    • Safety Shields on inlet and outlet
    • Oversized gas tank
    • 'Cannon Mount' provides superior stability
    • Thick shroud with 2X thickness Abrasive Resistant steel in major wear area
    • Extra quiet muffler
    • Highly Portable - moves like a wheelbarrow, or pull from behind yourself
    • Run flat wheels
    • Intec air filter to prevent fibrous particles from negatively impacting engine cooling
    • Easy to use controls
    • CARB compliant