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  2. VORTEC Beast -- the Best get Better

    Posted: 3/1/2017

    Intec continues to request feedback to understand how you -- our customers -- like to utilize equipment. With these inputs, we have enhanced the VORTEC Beast to provide even more value to your

    VORTEC Beast left side view

     businesses. An overview how we continue to provide the best vacuums in the market follows.


    An even longer lasting shroud

    * Abrasive Resistant (AR) steel now makes up the curved section of the Beast's shroud. This section experiences the most wear from insulation rubbing along the inside. AR steel protects our military as it prevents ammunition from penetrating vehicles...now it also protects your VORTEC Beast.



    Anti-Tip bar strengthened to allow for lifting

    * We saw that many customers were using the anti-tip bar (when moving the vacuum like a wheelbarrow, this bar prevents the vacuum from tipping over if rock were to lodge under a wheel) to lift the vacuum. We have increased the weight carrying capability of this feature to meet customer desires.



    Handle & frame mount strengthened to allow for lifting

    * For the same reason as above, the handle and frame mount size & weld points have increased.



    Inlet Air Filter simplifies your maintenance

    * Intec created and Inlet Air Filter to capture fibrous particles from entering your engine. Simply clean the filter when you see cellulose or fiberglass being captured.


    Background: In the past, the engine's cooling fan would at times bring cellulose or fiberglass particles into your engine's cooling fins limiting each fin's cooling effectiveness. Requiring a user to remove the engine's inlet shroud and blow off the cooling fins periodically to ensure proper operation. HONDA did not make a filter...so Intec created one which has been certified by HONDA.


    Longer Lasting Impeller

    * Intec created & extensively tested new impellers that are thicker and last for a very long time. Each new VORTEC Beast comes with a long lasting impeller.


    Patents are being finalized so pictures not shown. 

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