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  2. Videos

    Welcome to the Intec Video library.  We hope you find these helpful in your use of our equipment.


    FORCE Insulation Blowing Machines

    in order from large to small


    1.  System Overview
    2.  Initial Set-up
    3.  Maintenance
    4.  Recycle Hood Operation



    FORCE 5150 Introduction Video


    TURBO FORCE logo        


    Operation Videos
    Assembly in-process
    TURBO FORCE electrical component operation
    System Controls Rev: July 2017

    Wireless Videos
    Wireless: Re-syncing the transmitter with the receiver
    Wireless: Increase the transmission range by (1) changing the frequency, or (2) changing the battery.



    FORCE/2 DSL (Damp Spray Cellulose)
    Airlock Seal replacement pre-work
    History showing systems over time; views of other systems
    Set-up:  plug in, panel settings, turn on -- simply & easy to use
    Troubleshooting Electrical Panel
    Troubleshooting Electrical Panel - Part 2
    Quality Review w HP Blower

    FiberForce std and tall hopper

    Operation Videos
    Intec:  FiberForce Operation Video w/ cellulose & fiberglass
    FiberForce (français) Operation Video - Standard & Tall Hopper
    Johns Manville: FiberForce Operation Video with AtticProtector
    Knauf Insulation Blowing Machine Video with EcoFill
    McCoy's BuildingSupply FiberForce Operation Video

    Wireless Videos
    Wireless:  Re-syncing the transmitter with the receiver.
    Wireless:   Increase the transmission range by (1) changing the frequency, or (2) changing the battery. 


    Cyclone Operation Video


    VORTEC High-Powered Vacuums

    in order from large to small - gas



     VORTEC CANNON featuresVORTEC CANNON - now 18hp & packed with value

    VORTEC VOLT 440 logo
    360 Overview

    VORTEC Accessories  VORTEC accessories

    Popular VORTEC Accessories


    Other Equipment


    HP Fluid Delivery System
    HP Fluid Delivery System Overview
    Fluid Delivery System - how it works

    Hose Connectors - Swivel & Economy
    Hose Connectors - Swivel & Economy - Intec's Proprietary Long-lasting Urethane Swivel Hose Connector & Economy Hose Connectors

    General Machine Info

    Airlock Rotor -- Overview, airlock seal direction, how they work using a FORCE/2's as an example.
    Airlock Seals-- Why Intec's are the industry's longest lasting.
    Intec's Insulation Conditioning 101 -- variables & items to check to obtain desired coverage with loose fill insulation.
    Velcro Straps -- how to utilize when securing Intec's Long Range Transmission wireless transmitter