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  2. VORTEC Vacuum Accessories

    Intec offers a large amount of vacuum accessories.  If you do not see what you desire here, please call us at 303-833-6644.
    swivel hose connector value


    Swivel Hose Connectors

    Intec offers hose connectors made our of durable urethane that swivel to relieve hose twist, and have

     grooves to simply twist into and out of the hose - it does not get much better than this.



    Swivel Hose mfg





    Quick-Connect Hose Clamps

    Quick-connect steel clamps decrease your set-up and tear-down time.
    Regular hose clamps also available.



    Reducers range from 8" to 6" and 6" to 4" for our vacuum hose. Other reducers available.