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  2. News

    September 2015

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    • Intec launches VORTEC CANNON High-Powered Vacuum
      Intec launches VORTEC CANNON High-Powered Vacuum

      Intec's VORTEC CANNON

      Posted: 9/27/2015
      Intec's VORTEC CANNON utilizes our patented impeller design with 'cannon mount' technology providing high production rates, excellent stability, and ease of movement. This VORTEC is packed with features including extra quiet exhaust, oversized gas tank, hour meter, debris filter to keep engine running cool, run-flat tires, pivoting inlet & outlet safety flaps, thick gauge steel with 2X thickness in wear areas, and handle providing ease in lifting.
    • PATRIOT -- Intec's newest high-powered vacuum is Ready For Action
      PATRIOT -- Intec's newest high-powered vacuum is Ready For Action


      Posted: 9/1/2015
      Strengthen Your Business & Defend Your Profits with Intec's PATRIOT high-powered vacuum. POWERED by HONDA's powerful GX V-Twin line of engines, the PATRIOT is Ready For Action. This vacuum moves large quantities of insulation in little time with its oversized impeller and powerful engine. Engine options are available: purchase with a new engine, or a slightly used engine -- still under manufacturer's warranty -- for additional savings. Long lasting shroud, extra strong diamond plated frame, removable and reversible handles -- all combined to provide you with a high return on your investment. Visit Intec's website or call 800-666-1611 to learn more. Let your profits SOAR with Intec.
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