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  2. News

    June 2015

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    • Intec launches one beast of a vacuum--the VORTEC beast
      Intec launches one beast of a vacuum--the VORTEC beast

      Let Your Profits SOAR with Intec's VORTEC beast high-powered vacuum

      Posted: 6/6/2015
      Frederick CO: Intec releases it's most productive VORTEC yet -- the VORTEC beast.

      Intec continuously seeks our customers' feedback to enhance our product offering. As we sell our VORTEC line of high-powered vacuums into various markets, we have found un-met customer needs that our newest vacuum fills. In trial markets over the last three months, customers were amazed with the productivity & balance this vacuum provides. We received many remarks such as "this is a beast of a vacuum", and "I only run this beast at 1/2 throttle & it is still more productive than my ____(popular industry vacuums)".

      With the many positive comments and theme of feedback shared, we decided to include 'beast' in the name.

      VORTEC beast -- the latest high-powered vacuum offering from Intec.
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    • Intec enhances VORTEC vacTUBE offering
      Intec enhances VORTEC vacTUBE offering

      VORTEC vacTUBEs 4.2, 4.4, 6.2, & 6.4

      Posted: 6/1/2015
      Intec has increased the offering of our VORTEC vacTUBEs to include 2 foot long tubes. Customers provided feedback that in tight places, such as low pitch attics, a shorter tube would quicken the insulation removal.

      Intec's VORTEC vacTUBE offering includes:
      * 6 inch diameter tubes at 4 foot and 2 foot lengths, and
      * 4 inch diameter tubes at 4 foot and 2 foot lengths.

      All VORTEC vacTUBEs have two handles, and a built in swivel hose connector connecting the vacuum hose to the vacTUBE -- both combine for ease of directional movement for the user.
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