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  2. News

    May 2015

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    • Certified Pre-Owned VORTEC690's at great prices
      Certified Pre-Owned VORTEC690's at great prices

      CPO VORTEC690

      Posted: 5/2/2015
      Intec is offering special pricing on its Demonstration & Rental Fleet of re-designed VORTEC690 DIRECT DRIVE high-powered vacuums.

      Intec has redesigned our popular VORTEC690 vacuum to further the items our customers' desire; and eliminate items that were not enhancing customer value. Prospective vacuum customers now have the opportunity to purchase a well reviewed demonstration / rental VORTEC690 of the new DIRECT DRIVE design at below market pricing. Each vacuum is warranted - with over 1 year warranty on the engine - and comes with many new items including new impellers, new mufflers, & new paint.

      This is great deal with limited quantities. Please contact Tim Oaks (303-833-6644 ext 102) or Steve Willyard (303-833-6644 ext 101) for additional information.