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  2. News

    March 2013

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    • Intec's Technical Service Team keeps Intec Systems Running at Peak Performance
      Posted: 3/8/2013
      Intec's Technical Service Team keeps Intec Systems running at Peak Performance
      March 8, 2013

      Do you have insulation blowing machines made by Intec? Do you know Intec offers free technical assistance for our customers? We can help you get that blowing machine running and producing a profit for you. Call us at 800-666-1611 ext: 122 (David) or ext: 145 (Bill) for immediate service. We have some very informative technical information and can talk you thru repairs -- or find a service center for you.
      Bill Jewell and David Robinson
      Intec Technical Service Department
      phone: 303-833-6644
      Toll free: 800-666-1611