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  2. News

    November 2017

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    • Intec commercializes two new large truck / trailer mount blowing machines
      Intec commercializes two new large truck / trailer mount blowing machines

      Intec's FORCE?5150 & 5650 insulation blowing machines

      Posted: 11/26/2017
      Intec commercializes two new, high value, truck / trailer mount insulation blowing machines.
      * FORCE 5150 - POWERED by HONDA, this smaller unit is crazy quiet...and crazy fast. Production rates of 1,000 lbs per hour fiberglass and 2,000 lbs per hour cellulose.
      * FORCE 5650 - POWERED by HONDA, this high volume production unit is Intec's largest with production rates of 2,000 lbs per hour fiberglass and 5,500 lbs per hour cellulose.
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    • Intec's portable Fluid Delivery Systems simplify wall-spray applications
      Posted: 11/19/2017
      Intec's family of Fluid Delivery Systems offer:
      - Built in handle
      - Lightweight at only 40 pounds
      - Pressure gauge, valve, quick connections, and recirculation line are all in one compact package.

      - Self priming up to 12 feet.
      - Up to 350psi, or 1,200psi ? your choice.

      - Direct Drive means virtually no maintenance.
      - High quality components.
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    • Intec Platinum Vacuum Bags
      Intec Platinum Vacuum Bags

      Platinum Vacuum Bags

      Posted: 11/19/2017
      Intec's Platinum Vacuum Bags offer a number of benefits:
      1. TWICE AS THICK AS INDUSTRY AVERAGE means that they:
      * are virtually tear resistant
      * can be moved around as you desire?even with a forklift
      * act as a filter to keep dust inside the bag for a cleaner work environment

      2. LARGE ~75 cubic feet to hold a lot of product

      3. LOW PRICE -- Quantity discounts for as few as 20 bags.

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