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  2. News

    November 2013

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    • Intec Introduces VORTEC High-Powered Vacuums
      Posted: 11/26/2013
      November 2013 Denver CO - Intec introduces its own line of high-powered vacuums. "For years we distributed vacuums that others made. In working closely with our customers, we understood they were many opportunities to build a better vacuum. Intec's VORTEC vacuum line was developed to meet this market need," shared Ray Lavallee, President of Intec. Intec's VORTEC vacuums are Engineered for High Productivity and Built-to-Last for High Value Generation. They include many valuable, customer centric features such as
      -Honda motors.
      -Users choice for inlet hose to match productivity to the job.
      -4" or 6" on VORTEC 200 & 390
      -8" or 6" inlet on VORTEC 690
      -Intec Exclusive Hub Assembly & Break Away Coupler removes torsional stresses from engine and helps prevent catastrophic failures while providing more effective transfer of power to impeller.
      -Sacrificial Wear Liner in shroud is easily replaceable and extends vacuums life.
      -Thick Gauge Steel (7 gauge).
      -Removable and Reversible handle.
      -Quiet Exhaust.
      -Run-flat wheels.
      -Powder coated finish.
      -3 year limited warranty.

      Since 1977, both professional contractors and do-it-yourself equipment users have looked to Intec as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative portable insulation blowing equipment. Intec takes pride in making your job as easy and profitable as possible.

      Best-in-class Customer Service: Total ease of use extends beyond your initial purchase of an Intec system to your evolving needs thru the entire lifecycle. Both before and after the sale service is important to keep you running at peak operating capabilities. Intec's technical team provides installation assistance in addition to maintenance suggestions and trouble-shooting support.
    • November Newsletter
      Posted: 11/17/2013
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