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  2. News

    November 2012

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    • New Tall hopper for FiberForce
      New Tall hopper for FiberForce

      Intec's FiberForce - available with standard or tall hopper

      Posted: 11/19/2012
      Intec's FiberForce is now available with the NEW Tall Hopper to compliment the standard hopper offering. This enhanced feature increases the hopper size by 50% -- allowing a full bag of cellulose or a full ?bag of fiberglass loose-fill insulation to be loaded into the hopper for conditioning. The loading tray size has also been increased to allow for ease of product loading. Both enhancements simplify the loading process and increase installation efficiencies.

      The choice is yours: standard hopper for users who value the smaller footprint and enhanced portability, or tall hopper for users who value the increased hopper capacity and larger working platform. Intec's FiberForce continues to provide the most features and highest production rates in its class!