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  2. News

    February 2016

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    • Intec Commercializes VORTEC VOLT 220
      Intec Commercializes VORTEC VOLT 220

      VORTEC VOLT 220

      Posted: 2/6/2016
      Intec's VORTEC family of high-powered vacuums offer high productivity with robust engineering to provide the highest value vacuum in today?s market. Gas or Electric ? we can provide the solution to best meet your business objectives.

      The VORTEC VOLT 220 is quiet, exhausts no fumes, and can be powered by a single dryer outlet. The VOLT 220 vacuum provides for profitable HVAC cleaning, recycling of spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to fire, water, and smoke, lawn & garden cleanup ? the uses and markets are endless!