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  2. News

    February 2011

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    • New Slide Gate Increases Versatility
      New Slide Gate Increases Versatility

      FiberForce Insulation Blowing System

      Posted: 2/12/2011
      Intec's FiberForce insulation blowing system can now be used for both cellulose and fiberglass. The enhanced system includes a slide gate allowing users to drill and fill cellulose or dense pack fiberglass by altering the air to product ratio. Users can now install an additional R19 of either insulation type in just one hour for the average size attic. Already exceptionally portable at only 142 pounds, the FiberForce is now exceptionally versatile. Retailers, lumberyards and small contractors will benefit from additional profit generating opportunities, including:

      - Production rates of 1050 lbs per hour cellulose
      - Production rates of 400 lbs per hour fiberglass