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  2. JM Spider PLUS

    Intec is the exlusive Johns Manville approved manufacturer for JM Spider PLUS delivery systems and accessories.  Each of our systems have been designed with and approved by JM.  Intec produces and offers:

    *  fluid delivery systems that are both heated and an unheated to best meet your needs.  
    * JM Spider PLUS proprietary spray nozzles -  High Density Nozzle (i.e. HDN) & Utility Nozzle.
    * JM Spider PLUS R-value gauge - A plunger type gauge to quickly and effectively determine if actual r-value meets desired.
    * JM Spider PLUS orifice tube tester - allows operator to calibrate blowing machine.

    Additionally, we offer JM Spider PLUS approved insulation blowing machines, recycle hood assemblies, wall scrubbers, and high-powered vacuums to simplify you recycle needs.

    icon JM Spider PLUS Delivery System r20160913

    Heated JM Spider PLUS System featuring Intec's HP Fluid Delivery System


     Unheated System featuring Intec's HP Fluid Delivery System


    For additional product information on JM Spider PLUS®, please visit: