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  2. Intec releases the more powerful VORTEC VOLT 110

    Posted: 4/8/2017

    Intec releases the more powerful VORTEC VOLT 110...which sips energy using only a 110V - 20amp circuit.

    Using our 40 years of electrical motor knowledge, & know-how to obtain maximum power with little electrical input, Intec created the VORTEC VOLT 110.

    VORTEC VOLT promo picture

    So how much vacuum power does it provide?

    Trial customers shared that the vacuum is more powerful than the large gas unit rented at a popular nationwide rental chain.

    Many uses:
    * insulation removal of cellulose, fiberglass, & scarfed foam.
    * insulation recycling
    * lawn & garden leaf pick-up & gutter cleaning.
    * restoration / water damage work.



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