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  2. HP Fluid Delivery Systems

    Intec's HP Fluid Delivery Systems

    HP Fluid Delivery System

    Intec offers HP Fluid Delivery Systems to use when spraying cellulose, fiberglass, or rockwool.  Let us know your desired psi & flow characteristics.  We will custom set your pump to maximize your efficiencies.

    Small, compact, lightweight -- with plenty of power. 

    HP Fluid Delivery System


    From lower pressure pumps applying water or adhesive, to high pressure JM|Spider applications contained in a heated cart, we have to pump to meet your needs and budget. 

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    JM Spider PLUS logoJM SPIDER PLUSIntec offers the complete JM Spider system, in addition to a stand-alone pump and motor.  Please contact us to review your needs and how best we can assist in your chosen success. 

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