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  2. Intec commercializes two new large truck / trailer mount blowing machines

    Posted: 11/26/2017

    Intec commercializes two new, high value, truck / trailer mount insulation blowing machines

    FORCE 5150 & 5650

    FORCE 5150

    POWERED by HONDA, this smaller unit is crazy quiet...and crazy fast. Production rates of 1,000 lbs per hour fiberglass and 2,000 lbs per hour cellulose.


    FORCE 5650

    POWERED by HONDA, this high volume production unit is Intec's largest with production rates of 2,000 lbs per hour fiberglass and 5,500 lbs per hour cellulose.


    "These units were brought to market to meet our customers' requests" stated Ray Lavallee, Intec's President. We work with our customers to determine their evolving needs and how best Intec can assist them. 

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